• Last updated 22 Aug 22

The trailblazer-workflow gem is currently a paid feature. It’s still unreleased and we will inform you once it’s available.


  • these are still notes # FIXME -

    signal, (ctx, _) =, [{ event_name: event_name || _event_name, dictionary: diagram_dictionary, # DISCUSS: could be retrieved from the Collaboration. activity: collaboration, # resume_data: {}, domain_ctx: domain_ctx, # DISCUSS: is this where {:resume_data} comes in?

    process_model_class:  process_model_class,
    process_model_id:     process_model_id,
    cipher_key: cipher_key,
    encrypted_resume_data: encrypted_resume_data,
    process_model_from_resume_data: process_model_from_resume_data,
    find_process_model: find_process_model,   }, {throw: []}])


Via the :domain_ctx option, you provide the context object that is directly handed into the workflow/collaboration call.

  • There is no wrapping happening, so building a Context instance is up to you.
  • After the workflow invocation, the returned ctx is made available under :domain_ctx in the outer ctx. In other words, if you want to know what has been going on in the workflow, use :domain_ctx.

{:resume_data} ?? {:process_model} ??